Biz Pro is Now Ready to Boost your Business

Biz Pro Digital Marketing has launched in January 2019. Biz Pro offers very affordable Website Design, Branding/Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing services. Their mission is to help businesses build brand awareness and boost their online presence thru strategic Content Management and SEO. This in turn translates into more audience, increased conversion and increased revenue. They do this by understanding their client’s profile and the problems they face, the audience they should be targetting and then planing and executing a solution based on niche research.


Serving Clients in Baguio City and Metro Manila

Biz Pro started out serving local businesses in Baguio City, which is now one of the rapidly developing cities in the Philippines, being one of the favorite tourist destinations. Clients in Baguio have seen tremendous results in their business after availing of Biz Pro’s Online Marketing services. Having realized that there is still a great deal of businesses out there that need to scale up their marketing but have no idea where to start, Biz Pro expanded its services in Manila, helping different niches like Construction Firms, Real Estate Agencies, Dental and Medical Services, Retail stores among others.

Website Design and Local SEO


Biz Pro specializes in Website Design and Local SEO. According to Moz, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Remember that customers don’t usually search for your company, they search for products, services and solutions. And then search engines like google will give them the most relevant websites that provide answers to their queries. This is where SEO comes into play. In effect, letting google know that your business is really relevant and you provide the best solution. Ranking in search engine results page (SERP) would mean more audience and more traffic to your website. 

If you need to know more about SEO and how it can help you market your business, don’t hesitate to contact the Biz Pro team using the Contact section in this website. You may also reach us thru our facebook page. Biz Pro is excited to work with you to market your business online.